• Nusa Lembongan has surf-able waves all year round
  • Best Months: MARCH - NOVEMBER or DECEMBER - FEBRUARY (possibly rainy but still some good waves and un-crowded surf sessions to be had.)
  • SURFING LOCATIONS: 5 breaks within 15 minutes boat ride from Lembongan Resort.

SHIPWRECKS - Picks up all the swell. Range 1 foot to 8 foot. This dynamic wave is well known for it's fast workable walls and nice barrel section.

PLAYGROUNDS - Requires a 3-foot wave to break properly 2 breaks-with both left and right hand peaks. Has good protection from the wind. Location is perfection with pristine beaches and natural scenery.

LACERATIONS - Requires a 2-foot wave to be surf-able. Best at 4-6 feet. 2 breaks - a hollow shifty left, best at mid to High tide & a hollow right with a fast inside section, best at low to mid-tide. Has reasonable protection from the wind.

MONTAGS - Is located on the northern side of Lacerations and is a fast launching right hander when it is working (only works on big swells)

CENINGANS - This is located on Ceningan Island just next to Nusa Lembongan when there is no swell at Nusa Lembongan head around here for a fun wave. Best at 2-4 foot.


Bali Diving Academy Lembongan
Bungalow No7, Jugut Batu
Nusa Lembongan, Bali
Local: 0822 3780 5714
Itnl: +62 822 3780 5714

Lembongan Dive Center
Nyoman Riana
+62 (0) 81237661111